June media log


June, June, gone too soon.





  • Adventure Time
  • Regular Show
  • Bob’s Burgers


Thoughts & reflections: 

  • What a weird assortment of media this month. Was there any cohesive theme here? What the heck was I going for? Cultural intelligence, crematories, kidnapping, curiosity, kung fu… things that begin with a “K” sound! That must have been it. Yes, definitely.
  • I think it’s funny that I read Room this month, The Room last month, and (spoiler alert) I’m currently reading A Room of One’s Own. What’s up with all the rooms? I must be spending too much time indoors.
  • I said I was going to mix in some nonfic this month, and I did! Smoke was especially enlightening — a sweet blend of morbid, inspiring, and oddly entertaining.
  • Lots of comics reading this month. Huh. Finally finished Y: The Last Man. I’m considering picking up a series that’s actually ongoing. Except I have this thing where I’m ridiculously impatient. Not being able to find out what happens next is frustrating and borderline physically uncomfortable. Maybe I should just suck it up and get with the times.
  • I finally watched what’s supposed to be THE BEST movie of all time. Shawshank was of course very good. I can’t call it an all-time favorite though; I require more weirdness.
  • Weirdness like dinosaurs! DINOSAURS ARE THE BEST!
  • Okay, cartoons are great and all, but I’m seriously considering starting to watch a popular TV series. It’s becoming a hindrance, always answering “no” when people are like, “Do you watch [GoT/OITNB/literally any show]?” I fear I’d be a binge watcher, just because — like with comics — I couldn’t stand not knowing what happens next. Here again, I should probably just suck it up because I know there are so many great, compelling series out there.
  • I used my final Audible credit on this cultural intelligence course. It was so great (get it?!), I’m half considering renewing my subscription just so I can download some more classes. I only wish I could get the course supplementary materials through Audible, as I have trouble retaining all the info through listening alone. I’ll have to look into the options…

Ideas for next month:

  • I need to replenish my “to watch/read” lists. Reading and watching on my strange whims of fancy was fine for a month, but I need  some backup for those uninspired times when I’m like “eh, what should I watch/read next?”
  • I’ve gone a couple months without adding any “all time favorites.” Is it just my mood, or should I be doing a better job seeking out kickass content? Consider this!

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