June project log

This is the first month I’m trying a more organized “project log.” These are the notable things that I’ve produced in the past month, including crafts, visual arts, pieces of writing, new recipes, and more. I’m still defining exactly what I consider a “project,” especially in the writing category, but it is what it is for now. I’m sure I’ll make adjustments and improvements over time.


Stenciled photo transfers on canvas
I wanted to attempt some Mod Podge photo transfers on canvas after stumbling across a tutorial on Pinterest. I also wanted to play with my Silhouette Cameo. Put the two together, and this is what I made.


Crochet caterpillar
Fuzzy yarn was on super clearance at Michael’s. While not a Fuzziggle (someday I shall have one, I shall), it’s still pretty darn cute!

crochet caterpillar

“Dover, NH” alphabet photos (in collaboration with my mama!)
My sister works at the Dover Chamber of Commerce and was in need of some office decor. So my mom and I spent a sunny Sunday going around town hunting for letters in iconic landmarks. The photos are hung on decorative clips on the wall (not pictured).

D = Cocheco Falls Mill entrace; O = Saint Charles Church window; V = bridge over Cocheco Falls; E = guardrail beside Cocheco Mills; R = Garrison Tower

dover nh alphabet

Double-sided apron
I needed an apron so I made one using this reversible pattern. The cute monster fabric was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics.

kmack_apron2 kmack_apron1



Short stories:

  • “To Be Better” (2 drafts; 849 words)
  • “Rugutog” (1 draft; 2,690 words)

Other notable:

  • 4,000 words of first draft novel, “Aether” (working title)


From-scratch pizza dough
I’ve never made homemade dough before, with the yeast and the kneading and whatnot. And my first time was a success! I was amazed when it ended up tasting like real pizza dough! Blew my mind. It’s still blown. Making bread feels almost mystical. I used it to bake this hummus and grilled vegetable pizza!

homemade pizza dough

Cake pops!
Do you know how satisfying it is to bake a whole cake and then DESTROY it with your BARE HANDS?!? Well I do, thanks to my spur of the moment cake pop experiment. I can’t for the life of me find the recipe I used, but it involved mixing a baked cake with frosting, forming into balls, freezing, and then dipping in white chocolate. Some came out prettier than others, as I had some dipping issues, but all of them were tasty!

cake pops

Drying fresh herbs (in collaboration with Justin)
Justin got an herb garden for his birthday. We harvested about half of the fresh greens, then bundled and strung ’em up by clothespins for drying. Thyme, parsley, oregano, and basil. Smells great and dried great!

kmack_herb drying

Other new recipes (the ones I remember):


Some JULY project priorities & ideas: 

  • Pick up drawing again
  • Photo transfers on wood plaques
  • More bread making — try a full loaf, pita, or naan
  • Take better quality photos of projects!

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