Project check-in: Drawing again!


All right, so… I’m fully aware that I did not post a July project log. Whomp wahh. Well, instead of kicking myself, I chose to reflect, and in doing so, I’ve come to realize I go through bouts of scattered productivity versus focused productivity. June was definitely a a scattered productivity month. As the log shows, I was grabbing at many different small projects that could be completed quickly. July and August have definitely been more focused. I’ve been dedicating more time to fewer projects. That’s cool with me, it just doesn’t make for a very thrilling project log.

For one, I redesigned my poetry blog and am finally dedicated to posting on a bi-weekly schedule. I was concerned that keeping a schedule would make writing silly poems feel like a chore — which I definitely did not want! — but so far it hasn’t.

Secondly, I’ve buckled down on a new writing project that I’m starting to really enjoy. As of today, I’m 21,000 words into the first draft. Ugh, first drafts are the worst. They’re like throwing up — gross and terrible but also relieving.

Last but not least, I’ve picked up drawing again! And I suck at it and that’s just fine! No, seriously. I do not consider myself a talented illustrator by any stretch. But I don’t have to be great at something in order to have fun doing it (a mantra I am still learning to accept).

I used to draw quite a lot. But for some reason the past few years, since starting college, I’ve just sort of… stopped? With the exception of this 22-page “Legends of Krakula” comic I made for a Comic Books & Graphic Novels Coursera course, I haven’t really drawn at all. Why? Part of it, I realized in picking it back up, is this dumb feeling of guilt I have about spending time on an art I don’t consider myself particularly good at. I always “should” be doing something else. Seems silly, but it is what it is.

I first tricked myself into just sitting down and doodling by doing so while watching movies. Like, “Hey, I was gonna watch this movie anyway, might as well draw while I watch it.” I walked to Michael’s, got myself a basic sketchbook, illustration markers, and eraser, and just started casually doodling while movie-watching. The lady checking me out at Michael’s was like, “Oh, are you a drawer?” to which I replied, “Not yet.” (True story. I have a way with words).

But what to draw, right? Inspired by this Zine Skillshare course, I started with whatever just popped into my head. Which turns out to be walruses and roller skates?

Sketchbook excerpt

Some of my first sketches

And mustard ladies and creepy muffins?

My brain is absurd

And then one of my sketches accidentally turned into a mini comic! I had intended to just draw a t-rex, but then it somehow turned into this:



That provided a cool opportunity to play with image exposure/contrast in Photoshop — something I haven’t really done before. I don’t think I got it quite right, but my messy eraser smudges and sketch marks are hidden at least. That led me to my first little comic starring me:

kendra plants a garden

Also, I’ve begun handwriting some of my favorite quotes:

One of my favorite aphorisms. I also made an English version.

Color brought to you by Crayola markers (on back-to-school super sale!)

kafka quote bug

Playing with PS paint buckets!

High-quality? Not really. But I had fun making them, and that’s what’s important. Also, I can happily report that I no longer have to rely on watching movies while drawing. Should I go back to Michael’s and tell the lady that I’m a drawer now? 😉


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