August media log

never let me go





  • Gravity Falls
  • Rick & Morty
  • Regular Show
  • We Bare Bears


  • Fran Bow

Thoughts & reflections: 

  • Clones! Androids! Body snatchers! I guess I was drawn to sorta-human-sorta-not stories this month. That theme wasn’t intentional, as I didn’t even realize Never Let Me Go  was sci fi until I really got into it. But — oh! — how I love fiction that explores the definition of humanity! Excellent media month. Excellent, excellent.
  • Speaking of sorta-human-sorta-not stories, I’m hooked on Saga. It is, however, extremely awkward to read in a public space (okay people, I swear I’m not just casually looking at freaky alien space porn here, jeesh).
  • Wow, I went on quite a cinematic tour this month. My rampant movie-watching correlates with my recent drawing endeavors.
  • Can someone please tell me why I’ve never seen Back to the Future before? Since it’s 2015 (the year Marty and Doc visit in Part II), I decided to watch it. And, duh, it’s great of course. It’s oddly refreshing to watch a sci fi with such obvious plot holes and paradoxes (eg. wouldn’t Marty’s parents be like, “why does our child look just like that kid we knew in high school for a week?!”). Sometimes overthinking every detail and taking the science too seriously detracts from the fun of a story.
  • I said last month that I was craving a pretty video game for my eyeballs. Indie horror game Fran Bow just came out, and while the art is gorgeous, it is seriously the most unsettling game ever. I’m still debating whether or not playing it is worth the nightmares (just kidding, it definitely is, go play it).

Ideas for next month:

  • September’s theme is “twentieth century American popular culture history.” This is research for my current writing endeavor. What exactly that means in terms of media consumption is TBD.
  • I’ve taken to the National Film Registry for making some of my movie watchlist selections (for films older than 2005, that is).
  • Spooky stuffz. Halloween can’t come soon enough.

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