September media log


Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. You tell ’em, Scotty Fitz.





  • Over the Garden Wall (miniseries)
  • Gravity Falls
  • Rick & Morty
  • Regular Show
  • Bob’s Burgers


  • Welcome to Night Vale (episodes 1-15)

Thoughts & reflections: 

  • Teenagers? Edison? 1965? What’s with all the twentieth-century U.S. history non-fic, you ask? I’m currently wrapping up a first rough draft (very rough, very very rough) of a novel that deals heavily with U.S. pop culture throughout the twentieth century. In addition to the books here, I’ve been utilizing different reference guides (Panati’s Parade of Fads, Follies, and Manias has been particularly useful). I’ve been selecting titles ad-hoc based on the specific topics in which I need more expertise for the sake of the story. It’s been a blast!
  • This month, based on a friend’s recommendation, I dared dive into the wide world of podcasts. And damn, I am hooked on Welcome to Night Vale! Let’s not freak out about the fact that I started, no joke, 75 episodes behind. It took me awhile to jump on the podcast bandwagon, but I’m glad I did, and now I get to enjoy catching up.
  • Also, as a result of downloading Podcast Addict for my phone, I discovered LibriVox free public-domain audiobooks. Did I just say free? Yes! Holy crap! You can search for public-domain books right in the app, and it will bring up options for free listening. So, as I’ve begun commuting daily again, it’s been Night Vale in the morning, The Time Machine in the evening. In short, Podcast Addict has been a game changer in my media consumption lately.
  • Can you believe I’ve never seen The Sound of Music? Well I can, because damn that movie’s so long, it has an intermission (raising the question — what is one supposed to do during an intermission while watching a movie at home, with a pause button always handy?).
  • What a great comics and graphic novels month! I’m all caught up on Saga (apologies to the cafe, where I read Vol. 5, for flailing and almost flipping a table when – no spoilers – one of my favorite characters died). Delphine was one of those stories that when I first finished it, I sat there thinking, “What the hell did I just read?” and then, after dwelling on it awhile longer, I started to sort of “get it” and develop my own meaning. It’s hard to describe, but those stories tend to be my favorites — ones that are open-ended just enough to allow me to form my own meaning, but with enough closure to not feel cheated or outright confused at the end.
  • I think I might prefer my early cinema “silent.” I can appreciate “talkies” Frankenstein and Freaks for their historical and cultural value, but in terms of face-value entertainment, I didn’t enjoy them nearly as much as, say, Modern Times and Metropolis. Maybe it’s just the movies I’ve selected to watch so far. I need a bigger sample.

Ideas for next month: 

  • This past month I tried using HabitBull to track # of pages read per day so I can maintain reading as a priority, especially in the midst of some lifestyle changes (read: new job). My initial “habit goal” was 50 pages per day, which seems reasonable, and totally was reasonable on most days. I might make some adjustments this month or decide not to use this tool altogether.
  • Related, my overall goal in October is to continue to work mindful media consumption around a new schedule and routine. Whatever that involves!

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