October Media Log






  • Gravity Falls
  • Regular Show
  • Bob’s Burgers


  • Welcome to Night Vale (episodes 16-39)
  • Lore (episodes 1 – 6)
  • Invisibilia (Season 1)
  • Serial (Season 1)

Thoughts & reflections: 

  • All about the audio this month. In addition to my rampant podcast listening, two out of my five books I listened to as audiobooks. I spent a lot of time in the car in October, what can I say? Thank you LibriVox. Thank you NPR.  And all hail the glow cloud.
  • Considering it was October, I didn’t really read anything spooky, did I? Miss Peregrine was slightly spooky, I guess. I believe it’s going to make a great Tim Burton film.
  • I read some good graphic novels this month. Here was so inky, the book itself smelled weird, but it was awesome.
  • I’m not above watching Minions. But I am free to admit that I thought it was pretty terrible.
  • If you’re going to watch a foreign film with dubbing, make sure the English voice actors aren’t atrocious. I don’t know what version of Let the Right One In I watched, but the voice acting was so, so bad. So bad, it was comical.
  • It looks like I didn’t watch any movies this month, but I’m not counting my re-watching of Halloween favorites (speaking of Tim Burton).
  • I’m somewhat surprised how much reading I got done considering my dramatic schedule change. I discovered that my local library is busier at night than it is during the day (not surprising). And I have a newfound appreciation for lazy Sunday reading. And though Serial may have been one of the most engrossing series I’ve ever listened to, I’d be fine never to drive a car ever again, thanks very much.

Ideas for next month: 

  • I will play it by ear. HAH. Get it? Because I’m still going to be podcasting/audio-reading for awhile. Is what it is. I’ll take the opportunity to catch up on some public domain classics.
  • Good movies. I want to watch them.
  • Psychology books shall be read.

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