November Media Log

adventure time stakes

So this blog of mine has basically turned into a monthly media log. Eh. At least it’s something.





  • Adventure Time 
  • Gravity Falls
  • Regular Show
  • Bob’s Burgers


  • Welcome to Night Vale (episode 40)
  • Lore (episodes 7 – 17)

Thoughts & reflections: 

  • I had a zen book theme this month, apparently. Psychoanalysis, self-discovery, flow, om. Interesting reads, regardless of whether or not they provided any deep insight into life and existence and all that junk.
  • Guess what! Reading Catwoman in public is almost as awkward as reading Saga in public! Almost. Speaking of which, I miss Saga. I miss WicDiv. I got some good graphic novel reading in, but still…
  • I basically didn’t watch movies this month. Just didn’t happen. I even bulked up my backlog of movies  I plan to watch and then did nothing about it. Well, if something is to be sacrificed in my new schedule, it may as well be movies instead of books. If I care enough, I’m going to have to start scheduling in movie dates. Oh, and Crimson Peak was a total letdown. I expected some cool creepy-house-comes-to-life-shiz and all I got was Loki and a couple of ladies trying to stab each other. What?
  • Adventure Time is BACK! This new season kicks butt, the Stakes miniseries was so great, and I’m just gushing with AT love this month. Makes up for the fact that Gravity Falls is ending for good.
  • I burnt out of Welcome to Night Vale. I needed a break. Thankfully, Lore is both entertaining and educational! Many of the episodes focus on New England folklore that I’m already familiar with, and yet the stories are still informative. And it was a total surprise that the show’s producer is local! Dumb luck! Or maybe spooky luck? Muahaha.

Ideas for next month: 

  • So, I’ll be moving in the coming weeks to the North Shore of Boston (what!). This means packing and unpacking and craziness amidst the holiday season, which means less time for reading and such. I can’t worry about it. I’ll read what and when I read, and if my list next month looks pitiful, so be it. Life happens.
  • Moving = switching libraries AGAIN. I love exploring new libraries, but the Chelmsford Library has been really great to me. I just cleaned my bookshelf and donated a bunch of books to them, that hopefully makes up for all the late fees I should owe them by now if they had late fees (I’m guiltily staring at the overdue book currently on my end table).
  • Stress-free media month. Re-watch Elf and all those other Christmas classics I like. Read fluffy stuff if I feel like it. ‘Tis the season.
  • I’ll be doing an end-of-year 2015 media recap!

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