January 2016 Media Log

star wars force awakens

Kickin’ off a new year of reading and watching! So I’ve added a year to the post title. I hadn’t thought that I’d actually keep up with this long enough to run the risk of having a log from the same month, but different years. But, alas!





Thoughts & reflections:

  • Any connecting themes this month were subconscious or incidental. Two “wild” books? Unplanned. Literary confession time: I actually had no idea that the protagonist of The Call of the Wild was a dog before reading it. I actually had no idea what it was about in general. I always get Into the Wild (which I have also read) confused with The Call of the Wild and Jack London confused with Jack Kerouac. And then I confuse On the Road with Into the Wild… really, it’s just a cluster. Maybe the dog thing will help me keep it straight now.
  • Tell me — who would not love Star Wars Episode VII?! Oh, it was just so FUN! Good movie to kick off the new year.
  • And then half-way though Ex Machina I’m like… this actor is way familiar. Oh hey, it’s Poe Dameron! If Poe Dameron was a buff bald creepy tech genius with a beard. Lots of coincidences this month, I say!
  • I tend to do this thing where I’ll watch the first few episodes of a popular TV series and then stop.  But at least I can now say that I’ve seen Game of Thrones… only five years behind! Getting into these serials is like committing to a really long movie, and I’m just not a natural binge-watcher.
  • I miss my cartoons. Bah.
  • I also miss Saga and WicDiv. I really need to find a new completed series to fill my comics void. Tried Locke & Key. It was good but not quite what I’m looking for. Trying The Walking Dead next. February log spoiler alert!
  • Not captured here is the fact that I’ve started tracking movie-watching by some other means besides memory (which, trust me, is faulty… erm, what did I watch last month again?). I’m using an IMDb list – pretty simple. I’m debating whether or not to include TV shows here also.

Ideas for next month: 

  • *sigh* I have the bug again. You know, to redesign this blog for quite possibly the 20th time. I’ll probably do it, too.
  • In addition to my new “movies watched” list, I also finally created a movie “to-watch list” (because “watchlist” isn’t specific enough, don’t you think?) in IMDb. There’s about 60 movies on it, mostly populated from the Library of Congress National Film Registry listing. Another mental list I get out of my brain and onto paper (digital paper?). Free up some space for other things, like thinking about cats ‘n stuff.
  • I’ve been reading on whims of interest lately and will probably continue to do so this month.

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