What I Read and Watched in February 2016


Woah, I’m really shaking up the blog titles here. “Media log” sounds too blaaaasé, I say. That rhymes. Hey.




Thoughts & reflections:

  • My goal is to read 8+ books (including comics) and 5+ movies each month, so I’ll log approximately 100 books and 60 movies  in 2016. But I’ll admit that I needed that extra leap day this month to finish my eighth book and watch my fifth movie. To be fair, none of these 8 are what I consider “quick reads.”
  • What an odd assortment of literature. Sort of surreal when you put them all together. I guess the unifying theme was… quirky? What do Sherlock Holmes, Jenny Lawson, Eleanor Douglas, Zelda Fitzgerald, and zombies all have in common? Quirk. (Are zombies quirky? I just looked up the definition of quirky, and I’d certainly describe zombies as “characterized by unexpected traits.” I mean, who expects a dead person to want to eat you?).
  • Zelda Fitzgerald died in a FIRE? Why did I not know this? After such a crazy life, what a way to go.
  • So if you remember from my very first media log (and you better), I have this weird internal conflict where I feel as though I should love Coen brothers films but for some reason don’t. Well here I go again, trying to watch another one. I can’t let this go. But I’ll be damned, I loved Fargo! You betcha. I’m now convinced that this has more to do with some psychological trickery involving my expectations. Like, I went into Fargo thinking, “I don’t like Coen brothers films, so I probably won’t like this, but I’ll give it a shot,” whereas with the others I went in thinking, “Coen brothers films are masterpieces, so if I don’t love this, there’s something wrong with me” (I’m kidding… a little). See how it goes? I should just have low expectations about everything in life, just so I can be pleasantly surprised. I’m kidding again… a little.
  • I also really enjoyed The Graduate. But I did not enjoy American Graffiti. Like I say with Coen brothers films (well, now usually), I can appreciate it without loving it. Just not my thing.
  • Where’s the TV this month? I’m deliberately omitting episodes I watch as sort of one-offs or only half-watch socially. I’m even considering maybe not having a TV section anymore, unless I get into a series, which is so rare, except with cartoons.
  • No podcasts again this month, either. It’s a symptom of my changing lifestyle and routine. There are so many good series out there though, I wonder when/how/if I can fold them back in, without having to commute in a car 1.5 hours a day as I used to. I don’t miss driving.

Ideas for next month:

  • Books written in journal-type entries. Hyep, already got my theme.
  • Um, that’s all I got. March on.

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