What I Read and Watched in March

Flowers for Algernon

Success. I exceeded my media quota this month, and I have one new book to add to my favorites shelf. Killin’ it.




Thoughts & reflections:

  • Damn I read some good books this month. Got a couple more core classics under my belt with Anne of Green Gables and Slaughterhouse-Five (I had read neither before, hard to believe). And Flowers for Algernon just blew me away! I love when I approach a book that I know almost nothing about with little to no expectations, and it just suites my tastes perfectly.
  • Two unintentional March movie themes: black-and-white surrealist cinema and Ryan Reynolds. I don’t care for either, so why did  this happen? Because I’m a masochist. Nah, I just misjudged. Usually I love Lynch and Aronofsky films, but Eraserhead and Pi these were not for me. The sounds got on my nerves so much — oh! — but that’s probably the point. Although Pi has the coolest opening intro, one of my favorites. And I loved Drive up until things got crazy violent. All of a sudden it went from atmospheric neo-noir with a cool soundtrack to heads blowing off. I had been warned this going to happen, and even still, it was just too much for me. Deadpool was violent but hilarious and ridiculous and fun, and come on, who doesn’t love Deadpool?
  • No TV worth mentioning this month, again. I even have a backlog of cartoons to catch up on, but just haven’t. Other pursuits have taken priority, I suppose.

Ideas for next month:

  • Back to nonfiction. There are things I want to learn about!
  • I’d like to have some sort of theme for my 5 April movies, like core films in a specific genre (that’s not black-and-white surrealism) or on a particular topic. Hm. I’ll think on this!
  • I’ll be testing out the library’s inter-library loan because I’m a pain and can’t just accept what’s granted to me on the shelves. Moar books MOAR BOOKS…

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