What I Read and Watched In June






  • Invisibilia (S2: E1-2)*
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour (E 6/24)
  • Hidden Brain (E36)

Thoughts & reflections:

  • Yikes. One book short of my quota. June was a busy summer month, but it was a good month, so I’m not disappointed. I only have so many hours in a day, yo.
  • I finally invested in a streaming device, so now I can use my TV like a normal person. Yay! But you can see how that’s affected my movie/TV watching — pretty much not at all yet. Hah. But! The first movie I watched on it, just to test it, somehow ended up being one of the best movies I’ve ever seen?! Ghost World is exactly my kind of movie. I love when that happens. Random whims that turn into favorites.
  • Bah. This just hasn’t been a good comics-reading year. There hasn’t been any complete series that I’ve been excited to read one after another, so I’ve just been picking up random graphic novels and trade paperbacks and nothing is really striking me. Ah well.
  • My “authors from towns I live/lived in” theme turned out to also be a “postwar angsty young men” theme. Such good reading, my god. Oh, Rabbit and Sal. I loathe you but I love you because you’re both so familiar to me, uncomfortably so.
  • Podcasts! Invisibilia is back for season 2 and oh I love it so, so much! The subjects covered in this season are eerily relevant to my life lately. The “Personality Myth” episode, in particular, was incredibly eye-opening (mind-opening?). I love the series so much, it’s inspired me to test out some other NPR podcasts. Pop Culture Happy Hour I particularly enjoyed, and it actually led me to watch Suited, an HBO short documentary that I also enjoyed.
  • This month demonstrates that I don’t have to meet any particular quota to have a good media month.

Ideas for next month:

  • This is going to sound crazy, but I got this jigsaw puzzle of random book covers, and it features so many of my favorite books, even obscure ones, that it’s eerie. There are some books on it that I haven’t read (or even heard of), and I figure they might be ones I’ll enjoy, too? Let a random jigsaw puzzle determine my next book selections? Sure, why not!
  • I would like to watch some more movies, now that I have a reliable method of streaming them. But… it’s summer and I want to be outside. Hm.
  • Feminism.

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