What I Read and Watched in July


July, July, it just flew by!






  • Invisibilia
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • Yes, I’m aware I’m 2 books short my monthly quota. No, I don’t feel bad about it. I had a good, busy month. And One Hundred Years of Solitude (OHYoS?) was an undertaking. I had to re-read some parts. I’m still processing it.
  • Oh, Invisibilia. “In this episode, we’ll be talking about whatever it is that is most relevant in Kendra’s life right now.” Yup. Every episode is eerily relevant and intensely fascinating. How do they do it? I’ve also gotten hooked on Pop Culture Happy Hour, because it makes me feel up-to-date with TV and movies even though I’m really not. I apparently love NPR broadcasting so much that it’s spilled over into my TV-watching. This American Life, the TV series, is almost a decade old now, but the subjects and stories are still fascinating. Gives me lots of think about, which just makes my head happy.
  • Sagaaaaaaa!! Finally! Well worth the long library hold waiting list. When it came in, it was like Christmas. The librarian must’ve sensed my joy. I devoured it, and now I’m back playing the waiting game.
  • Hah. Movies. Hah.

Ideas for next month:

  • I need to get back on a regular reading routine. Summer days and good weather have me all thrown off! I just want to move and frolic. But I also want to read all the things. So.
  • I’ll be testing out a couple more comics series this month until I get hooked on something. Or maybe I won’t. Gosh I still miss Y: The Last Man. That just set my standards so high, I may never recover.
  • After OHYoS, I feel like I need to read some fluffy fiction. Or something straightforward. Some simple, tidy stories perhaps?
  • Stranger Things!! 

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