What I Read and Watched in August







  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • TED Radio Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • Summer 2016 will be known as my summer of blueberry shandy and Stranger Things. Really, I love this show so much! It’s awesome to be able to be part of a TV phenomenon as it’s happening. To be able to discuss it with people, and to know what people are talking about when referencing the show. It sounds silly, but I’m just now realizing the true social value of being a TV-watcher. I just wish there were more series that were short and digestible like Stranger Things. Most require hours of time (*cough* GoT *cough*), and for not as much entertainment. I ought to look for more shows with a good time/enjoyment ratio.
  • I tried out two new comics series this month — The Unwritten and East of West. East of West is definitely not my thing, so scratch that. I could see myself getting into The Unwritten, but still, I’m not so thrilled about it. *sigh* Spoiled! I’m so damn spoiled!
  • Magical, magical, this month was. Harry Potter. The Secret Garden. Stranger Things (wait, I mentioned that already). Lumberjanes. I was in the mood for magic, apparently, and magic was had.
  • I was not, however, in the mood for movies. Again. I only watched High Fidelity off a recommendation and, I admit, it was good!
  • TED Radio Hour is filling my Invisibilia void. I really enjoy these! Even more than (dare I say) TED Talks, because each episode will connect multiple talks over a single theme.

Ideas for next month:

  • Transparent Season 3! Yasss.
  • Philosophy? I have this feeling that philosophy is my next frontier.
  • Feminism, again. I have a lot of catching up to do on that front, too.
  • I feel as though I ought to maybe read more plays? I struggled a bit with the format of this latest Harry Potter book, but it has inspired me to read more scripts.
  • Something spooky, perhaps?

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