What I Read and Watched in September







  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • TED Radio Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • Quality trumps quantity this month. I’m way below my goal on all accounts. But not only were Middlesex and Please Kill Me heavyweights page-wise (nearly 1,000 pages total), they were also intensely awesome. So, two new favorites in one month? When has that ever happened before?
  • Same goes for the movie-watching — or lack thereof. The one movie I did see — Kubo, great film — I saw at the local movie theater, to which I’d never been before. In fact, I think this is actually only the second movie I’ve seen in theaters this entire year. The theater was independent, with a retro vibe but comfy seats. But I still miss AMC. No bother. The movie-going experience makes up for my lack of movie consumption, I’d say.
  • Plus, how would I have time to watch movies with all this Breaking Bad-watching? Yes, I’m aware I’m eight years behind. This show premiered when I graduated high school — high school. But I finally hit the threshold where I couldn’t function like a semi-normal social being without having seen it. So many references are made to this show. Everyone’s seen it, it seems. With good reason — it’s a a great show. I’m getting a little exhausted with the hour-long episodes though. And 5 seasons is intimidating. I’ll probably slow it down and chip away at the remaining episodes as needed
  • This “thoughts and reflections” section is turning into an excuses section.
  • Did I binge-watch Transparent season 3 faster than I care  to admit? You bet I did. No regrets. Okay, maybe a little regret, because now I have to wait indefinitely for the next season!
  • I finally did it. Signed up for my own Netflix account like an independent non-mooching woman. It’s been helpful for watching Breaking Bad. But otherwise, I’m not sure if I’ll keep it past the 30-day free trial yet.
  • I also finally printed out the complete National Film Registry, and checked off what I’ve already seen. I began watching some of the very earliest films too, but they are so brief (and most available for free from the Library of Congress), I don’t bother listing them here. Dream of a Rarebit Fiend was particularly amusing! Such special effects for 1906! I’m looking forward to working my way through the list, though I likely won’t go in a strict order.

Ideas for next month:

  • I never list music in these media logs, because I haven’t been able to wrap my head around what I’d include. Also, I have bizarre music-listening habits. But I’ve started to give it some more thought, especially as I recently set up a “Kendra’s Top 100” playlist on Spotify. It houses my favorite songs, in no particular order. It got me thinking, “When did I start listening to some of these songs? And how and why are they my favorites?” Hmm.
  • I have a backlog of borrowed books I’m looking forward to reading.
  • This election season has opened to my eyes to just how little national and world news I consume. Without cable, I have the luxury of avoiding the nauseating onslaught of political ads. But I just feel so disconnected from all that’s going on. My college media studies left me very disillusioned with the state of news and journalism, and since then, I’ve just sort of tuned out to all the corporatized sensationalism. While I’m not about to watch hours of CNN or Fox, I’d like to tune back in somehow, mindfully and objectively. I just want to learn about what’s happening in the world, without someone telling me what I should think or how I should feel about it. That shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as it is. But it really is.

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