What I Read and Watched in October






  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • TED Radio Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • October just flew by! Yet somehow I got some reading in. Not much watching though, with the exception of Twin Peaks, which was an excellent show for the spooky season. I had a feeling I might love this show, and I wasn’t wrong. So strange. So surreal. So absurd. My only regret is that I started watching it too close to Halloween, so I didn’t have enough time put together a Log Lady costume. Oh well, there’s always next year!
  • It seems I accidentally wound up with a theme of depressing books this month. Sometimes the most thought-provoking literature is also the most heart-wrenching, but damn Pride of Baghdad has to be one of the most alarmingly sad books I’ve read. Leave it to Brian Vaughan, master of feels.
  • The sound. The fury. The sound of me throwing a book against a wall in a fury.

Ideas for next month:

  • I still have a backlog of books. Carrying on.
  • More poetry, please. I’m having difficulty finding volumes that are robust yet digestible. Not giant compendiums, but not thin little books either. Hm.
  • My library and its local consortia have an alarming lack of gender studies books and I’m debating what I’m going to do about it, if anything. No Judith Butler in a consortia of 30+ libraries? Really?

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