What I Read and Watched in November







  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • TED Radio Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • Moooooovies! I’m watching them again! How, why? Two words: Netflix Originals. Not quite indie, not quite mainstream, Netflix seems to produce some documentaries and dramas that fall in my niche of interest. My Beautiful Broken Brain was especially fascinating.
  • I happened to read family-centered fiction this month. That was an accident. The Jones of White Teeth, the Blochs of Here I Am, and of course Ignatius and his mother. A lot of complex relationships to digest (and laugh about).
  • I read some hefty books this month. Still, I’m reading less than I would like. I’m going to have to go back to carving out and defending reading time.
  • I had no idea Good Will Hunting was set in Boston before watching it. So yes, half the movie I spent going, “Ohhh he’s riding the Red Line!” and such. I should have known — it has Matt Damon in it. Seems like he’s always either in Boston or in outer space.

Ideas for next month: 

  • Just trying to find time for reading/writing during this busy holiday season! Ah!

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