What I Read and Watched in December


Better late than never.




  • Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • TED Radio Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • My media log is a reflection of my month. Not much time for reading, but plenty of movie-watching thanks to Christmas crafting and such (I like to have something on in the background while I sew/crochet/etc.).
  • I’m glad my reading for 2016 concluded with some philosophy (Zen) and queer history. And Salinger, of course.
  • I went to the movie theater only 4 times this year, and 2 of those times was to see a Star Wars film — Force Awakens  and Rogue One. Star Wars movies are like the bookends to my year.
  • Ah, I finally watched A Clockwork Orange. I’ve held out so long because it’s one of my all-time favorite books. Kubrick’s film adaptation is so ubiquitous in pop culture, I felt as if I’d already watched it before.
  • I’m slowly learning how to just “put something on” Netflix. I waste so much time deciding what to watch, and then some of my favorite films this year have been whims. The documentaries this month were especially thought-provoking.

Ideas for next month: 

  • Thinking on my 2017 media resolutions!

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