What I Read and Watched in May

nancy podcast






  • Nancy
  • NPR’s Up First
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour

Thoughts & reflections:

  • I discovered a new favorite podcast this month. Nancy! It’s so fun and queer, and it just makes me happy. I checked it out based on a recommendation from Pop Culture Happy Hour.  One podcast leads to another, I suppose.
  • Speaking of podcasts, Up First is the first reliable source of daily digestible news that I actually don’t mind. In fact, it’s kind of enjoyable, as far as news goes.
  • Cover girl, put the bass in your walk…
  • Since when did the Best Picture category at the Oscars become a competition for Saddest Movie Ever? Dear lord. Manchester by the Sea is sad and then gets sadder and then your heart’s falling out of your chest and then — credits. And Moonlight was sad but also beautiful and wonderful and wahhh emotions.
  • Can Saga please last forever? That’s the whole idea of a saga right? Well thank god because I never want it to end.
  • Head to toe… let your whole body talk… 

Ideas for next month; 

  • My summer reading list is overwhelming. Good thing it’s currently 49 degrees and doesn’t feel like summer.
  • That photo of me in the sidebar doesn’t even look like me anymore. Well damn. I need to figure out what to do next with this blog, if that’s even what it is.

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