What I Read and Watched in July

Finally giving the blog a long-overdue facelift for summer. Fresh design. New mobile-responsive theme. Phew! It’s not exactly how I want it yet, but it’s at least a start. Feelin’ good.


Comics / Graphic:




Thoughts & reflections:

  • Guess who’s back on track. Moi! Slayed my media goals for the month and then some. It’s amazing how much I can read and watch when I’m in-between writing projects. I’ve also tweaked my daily schedule to incorporate more reading time in the mornings, and it’s made a difference.
  • I should really change the name of these media logs to “What I Read, Watched, and Listened to in [Month].” I’ve fallen in love with podcasts and have come to depend on them for news and general interestingness. I’ve made the executive decision to only list podcasts in the log that I listen to with regularly — as in, I try to keep up with the latest episodes — and not count the one-off shows, which there were quite a few of this month.
  • I got to experience the strangeness of putting a face to a podcast voice when, somewhat by chance, I saw Christopher Lydon speak at the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering in Concord, MA. Which, by the way, was an overall wonderful and weird experience.
  • I went to a movie theater! Woah! It’s been months! I’m using the term “movie theater” loosely. Community theater? A performance stage that also has a screen? Whatever to call it, Obit. was followed up by a panel discussion, which I think should come with all feature films. It was refreshing to watch a film with others in a public space. There’s something special about it shared media experiences.
  • How had I never seen Matilda before? I mean, really. How? I loved it! Ghost, not so much. It was worth the watch just to understand all the cultural references that come from it, though. Also I think it’s funny that 2 of the 3 movies I watched this month are titled Ghost and Obit.

Ideas for next month:

  • My July “summer break” was refreshing, but now I’m diving into another writing project. A new draft of the same writing project, I should say. My goal now is to keep defending my reading time in the morning and evenings, balancing input and output in a routine that makes me happy. Or at least satisfied.
  • I’m craving a good queer read. Too much heteronormativity in my media lately. I miss Nancy and RPDR.

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