About me

Hello! I’m Kendra. I was born in October 1989 in Dover, New Hampshire. I grew up reading tons, riding my bike in the big 250-year-old cemetery down the street, and wearing catholic school uniforms. My first publication, at age seven, was in the local newspaper as the result of winning a Halloween writing contest. Titled “Chris Learns a Lesson,” it was a story about a boy who befriends ghouls with candy corn. The lesson is obviously that candy corn is delicious.

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2012 with a BA in Communication. Since then, I’ve been bouncing around New England, now living in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This town is obsessed with clams, and I love it. My professional background includes copywriting, web content management, software marketing and developing x-rays (manually!). My non-professional background includes writing fiction, poetry, sewing, wandering, and wishing I had a cat.

Likes: libraries, autumn, kittehs, fun fabrics, spooky stuffz, t-rex (rexes?), cartoons, weird antiques, retro diners, blank notebooks, graphic novels, pop art, you!

Dislikes:  clothes shopping, driving, soup, writing “about me” pages

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